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We have been making mobile games since year 2002. Manodio is Mano + Studio, mano means hand in spanish. We are creating exciting games with our hand for the world. manodio


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  1. 2014.03.18 Heli Kiwi

Heli Kiwi

Product/Heli Kiwi / 2014.03.18 18:20

★ Journey starts

Flightless kiwi bird .

His dream came true using a propeller hat,

Search for the stolen Kiwi by the bad pork, let's leave a long journey .

'Heli Kiwi' adventure with the suspense and thrill, shall we start now?

★ Easy to operate

Complex tutorials and menus are not required.

All you need is just finger taps.

Watch out the obstacles and collect your gold Kiwi.

★ Fun factor

Random obstacles and different stages!

Short as a few seconds to a few minutes as long as everything depends on the user's ability and luck .

Once initial curiosity, pleasure without stop . 

If you have started, make the highest score..

★ Please check your skills !

Depends on your skills(scores) gold, silver, bronze medals are given.

Through the global ranking, check out who is the top one.

Now, 'Hali Kiwi' Let's leave an endless adventure . ?

★ Fun items 

Helmet - Helps to protect the Heli Kiwi's head. Lots of obstacles in the sky. 

Pants - If you get pricked your hips it really hurts the Heli Kiwi. This item protects the hips. 

Shield - Can protect only once, protects the front of the Heli Kiwi. 

Super wings - Passes through all the obstacles at high speed. Do not just watched it. Collect all the Kiwis! Show us your wits.


Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/103174986120343233470/

Facebook : www.facebook.com/manodio.co

Home : www.manodio.com


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Heli Kiwi  (0) 2014.03.18
Posted by tron1981