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We have been making mobile games since year 2002. Manodio is Mano + Studio, mano means hand in spanish. We are creating exciting games with our hand for the world. manodio


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About/Logo / 2013.11.22 11:56

Manodio Logo

MANODIO is MANO + STUDIO. MANO means hand in Spanish. We are willing to make fun games in our hands.




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Logo  (0) 2013.11.22
Posted by tron1981








 The next evolution of Action Strategy gaming! ≪Kingdom Tactics≫!

Take part in a battle of strategic tactics to reclaim the lost throne!
A massive-scale war game taking place over a vast and beautiful map!
Assemble an army of diverse characters, dragons, and Heroes to rebuild the defeated kingdom and restore peace throughout the continent!

This game is free to play, but you can choose to buy items with real money. Some paid items may be refundable depending on the type of item

This game is available in English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, or 中文繁體.

✔ Massive-scale war! Make it a 100 vs. 100 Battle!
Brigades of various military classes employ special skills and technology in the battle for survival.

✔ Build your army!
Upgrade your forces and lead your very own powerful army.

✔ Upgrade your city!
Manage the cities you've conquered and get even more Gold and Labor.

✔ 40 Battlefields and 13 Character Classes!
An expansive World Map filled with diverse battlefields and characters!

✔ Hunt the Dragon!
Uncover the Dragon's Lair hidden deep within the fields! Conquer the region to earn your very own Dragon!

• This game is singleplayer only. If you wish to delete or reinstall, you can use the Com2us Hub data backup/restoration services in Options to save your data.
• For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit www.com2us.com.
• Questions? Drop us a line at info@com2us.com

Com2uS: Your first search for fun!
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Other fun and exciting games are available, too!

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2014년 3월 01일 Kingdom Tactics Apple iTunes Featured 

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KingdomTactics 킹덤 택티스  (0) 2013.11.22
Posted by tron1981