SWAT & Zombies Runner
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We have been making mobile games since year 2002. Manodio is Mano + Studio, mano means hand in spanish. We are creating exciting games with our hand for the world. manodio


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Unknown zombies suddenly appear in the wild wild west. Out of nowhere our hero cowboy comes. Jumping over the fence trying to defend the peace of one's home against the evil that approaches.... 

Simple, easy to play and joy of the action! 
Cartoon style animation 
8 Equipment Items 
60 Levels 
support man system(mercenary system) called Sancho 
3 game types(Normal/Mini/Bonus) 
GameCenter supports 
Sheriff's Badge Rate system will give addtional bonus points to (No Damage. No miss hits, when you save all the people) 

1. Nomal Mission : Clear all approaching Zombies! 
2. Bonus Mission 
- Saving People : Zombies are hiding in the crowd. Find and kill them! 
- Tomb Zombie : Zombies sleeping in the grave. You need to quickly kill Zombies that come out of the grave. 
- Bald Eagle : After eating Zombies, bald eagle becomes zombie themselves spreading zombie virus.You must stop the spread by killing them. 
- Chu chu (Lining) Zombie : Zombies follows people. You need to get rid of them. 

Penetrating Gun doubles the fun 


★Ver. 1.0.2 is about to be released.
Currently we have done some bug fixes such as correcting languages problems on the game and save file function working wrong way.
Please wait for the update. 


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Cowboy vs. Zombies  (0) 2011.09.30
Posted by tron1981