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We have been making mobile games since year 2002. Manodio is Mano + Studio, mano means hand in spanish. We are creating exciting games with our hand for the world. manodio


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Manodio is...?

Thank you for visiting the our homepage. We were making mobile games since year 2002 and until now. At the early several years we made mobile game using some famous characters mostly outsourced jobs. And after those few years we decided to make our own games. Most are launched in three domestic carriers in Korea such as SKTelecom, KT , LGTelecom. After year 2010 we launched apps for Google PLAY  and Apple's App Store.


After 10 years of developing mobile games we developed in-house development tools to create high-volume and large-scale games to make the game more stable and optimized. Continue to do so accumulated technology and experience made our game successfully.

About Manodio


  Manodio Co., Ltd.

Found Date



 Soo Won Shin (Blog :http://cookzy.tistory.com)

 Chul Woo Cho (Blog :http://junbin.tistory.com)


 Mobile hub center 1315 ,bundangSquare building.
 263, Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,
 South Korea #463-824




Mobile Game Developer (GNEX/WIPI/Java/Brew)
Game Tools Developer
Solution(Application & WEB)
Mobile(WAP) Network Service Developer
Network Game Server Developer
Charater Design Developer
Social Comerce Meta Service
Social Game


KingdomTactics (November 8, 2013)
Ninja & Zombies(2012)
Swat & Zombies(2012)
Glory of Sparta(2012)
Cubeland Monster(2012)
Cowboy vs. Zombies(2011)
Santa vs. Zombies(2011)
Diamond Ninja(2011)
Zombie killer(2011)

Tears of Metal(2007)
Chinese Romans Combat MX(2005)
Chinese Romans Combat(2004)




 Any Questions

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CEO : Shin Soo Won
I was 2000 sophomore when established as a joint venture company that specializes in developing web games where I began working on the field of game development. And then a former University who is co-founder Cho Chul Woo we worked as an instructor at the school of Mobile Contents for one year. After that we both founded Manodio Co., LTD. int 07.12.2002. We are doing our best job in our fields.

Areas of expertise : Java / C# / Android / Network Server / In-house development tools
Projects : Appsmoa Center , Zombie Killer, Cubeland Monster, PetitWing, Diamond Ninja, ManoMobileBuilder, ManoMotionDesigner외 다수.

CEO : Cho Chul Woo
As a co-founder of Manodio Co., Ltd since 07.12.2002 I have been working many projects. Areas of expertise are graphic art and programming.

Areas of expertise : iOS Games / Character Design & Graphic / Game Planning
Projects : Romance of the Three Kingdoms armed ago, Tears of Metal, L.O.A. , Elfheim, Glory of Sparta, Cowboy vs. Zombies, SWAT vs Zombies, Santa vs. Zombies etc..


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